Draw for Iranian Imprisoned Musician Mehdi Rajabian

An International Cartooning campaign for Mehdi Rajabian – The Iranian Imprisoned Musician.

Mehdi Rajabian officially participated and monitored the quality of the publication and the music composition.He was arrested by Iranian security forces on 5 October 2013 in his office and transferred to Ward 2A of Evin Prison and each one was sentenced more than two months in solitary confinement, while this arrest ceased his personal project.When Mehdi Rajabian was arrested, he was recording “Research Album of History of Iran narrated by Setar”, his personal studio, all recordings, hard drives of recorded music were confiscated and the project became silent.
Mehdi Rajabian was imprisoned in the ward 7 of Evin Prison in Tehran, but after a contentious struggle with the judicial officer of the prison was sent to the ward 8 for punishment. After 10 months of the period of imprisonment, he went on a hunger strike to protest against the unjust trial, lack of medical facilities in prison, and his transfer to the ward 8 isolating him from his brother. After 14 days of strike, he called off his strike by the interference of the official representative of the prosecutor sent to the prison as an intermediary. However, he published an open letter addressing the judicial authorities of Iran, could attract the supports of the artists of the world by a 30-day hunger strike, and convince the judicial authorities to give him medical leave for the treatment of diseases arising out of hunger strike. Following that, he could return to the ward 7 too.

United Sketches International call all its members and ambassadors to be his voice by drawing about him and send drawings to cartoons@unitedsketches.org as soon as possible.

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