A Diary of A Revaluation: The Fourth Democracy and the Art of Cartooning in Sudan

By: Talal Nayer Political situations profoundly influence the art of cartooning in Sudan. Forms of governance and political circumstances became very decisive and contributed significantly to the matter of appearance and continuity of cartoonists. Also, it had a strong influence on the issues discussed by the artists. Every political regime brought a new vision and widely contributed to the formation of the conditions for art and culture in the country. After the success of Intifadat April[i] in 1985, the newly elected government of Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi[ii] sent the main army-generals of The Second Dictatorship[iii] of Ja’afar Neimeri[iv] in prisons. Everybody was cheering joyfully to see the dictators behind bars. The Sudanese cartoonist Salah Hamadah[v] was editing and drawing a satirical page entitled In (Minn Ghair Za’all)[vi] in al-Seyasa newspaper. Hamadah was responding to the letters had been sent to his page in May 1989, a message came from a reader who […]

United Sketches removes its “Official” and “Verified” page from Facebook

The Cambridge Analytica story and its following consequences is clearly showing that Facebook social network has been abusing its users trust to make profit and to influence the democratic process. That’s why United Sketches removes its official page from Facebook and invite all NGOs, Institutions, Museums and all other cultural engaged organizations to remove their official pages as well. Facebook shouldn’t be able to use the values and credits of engaged organizations anymore. Kianoush Ramezani Founder & President United Sketches International