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Our Ambassador in Afghanistan Survived Kabul’s Hazara Massacre

This is The message that Mehdi Amini wrote to United Sketches’ President, The audiences are all world cartoonists and activists in the world; pls share his message: “Salam and hope all is well, Kianoosh jan, you might have heard about the terrorist attack that took place in Kabul on Saturday. I wanted to share this with you and reach out to you for support. To be very brief, in a corner of this world, some people are being repressed, killed and wiped out because of their ethnicity and religious sect and their voice cannot reach anybody; nor their own government neither the international community. Saturday’s demonstration which was held under the name “Enlightenment Movement” was held to protest against the discriminatory policies of the fascist and ethno-centrist Afghan government. The Enlightenment Movement was initially triggered last year when a little “Hazara” girl’s throat was slit by the Taliban. Unfortunately, the […]

An Intelligent Cartoon about Nice Attack

World cartoonists including the members of United Sketches International are more visible by mass media after they lost many of their colleagues in Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. They published hundreds of cartoons as the solidarity with the victims and now after more than 1 year the audiences are expecting to see the same solidarity right after each tragedy. and, again some hours after the Nice attack I received and seen hundreds of cartoons from world cartoonists, most of them illustrated too quickly to have a message other than showing the French flag full of blood and a trace of a truck tire. This cartoon made by Tawfiq Omrane, our ambassador in Tunisia is a very different one: Cartooning is not illustrating and Tawfiq shows this difference in his artwork. Kianoush