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International Drawing Campaign Against Compulsory “Hijab”

English We are going to continue our drawing campaign against the compulsory Hijab for women. “United Sketches” invites all engaged cartoonists to participate in this movement by sending their drawings by email to this address: Français Nous allons poursuivre notre campagne de dessin contre le Hijab obligatoire pour les femmes. “United Sketches” invite tous les dessinateurs engagés à participer à ce mouvement en envoyant leurs dessins par courrier électronique à cette adresse: Español Vamos a continuar nuestra campaña de dibujo contra el Hijab obligatorio para las mujeres. “United Sketches” invitó a todos los caricaturistas comprometidos a participar en este movimiento enviando sus dibujos por correo electrónico a esta dirección:

Mehdi Rajabian’s message to all Cartoonists who participated in United Sketches’ campaign for his freedom

To cartoon artists engaged to freedom Respect! Hereby I declare here that your actions for freedom has been a very significant and important step toward for art freedom around the world. And these influential images that has come from your pens are always catalists and guides to artists like me against such a extended injustice. Hereby I thank all the efforts you have made by participating in this highly influential and of course historical campaign,I declare that when I was in jail, your action has been a source of strengh and hope for me and all other jailed artists. I appreciate and thank you so much for your attention and I hope what happened to me never ever happens for any artist anywhere in the world. Eternalness of Freedom admires your pens! Mahdi Rajabian Composer July 7th 2017 – Iran [Original message in Persian below] به هنرمندان کارتونیست راه آزادی […]