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Confrontations International Cartoon Expo – Berlin

Confrontations meets United Sketches. interfilm’s short film competition Confrontations for human rights topics goes graphic this year! In an exhibition by United Sketches, curated by Kianoush Ramezani, about 50 cartoon artworks will be shown during this year’s 32nd interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin at Babylon Cinema in Berlin-Mitte from November 14th-20th, 2016. Already in its 16th year, the Confrontations Competition addresses human rights and precarious political and social issues. The programs are carefully curated and the selection balances themes that affect us in our everyday life such as violence against individuals, racism, prejudices, social disadvantages, (political) injustices as well as issues that shift from the personal to the bigger picture of worldwide relevance, like terrorism, poverty, genocide, violence or recent political developments. Confrontations likes to give a face to the many often dramatic headlines that reach us from the world’s most diverse countries. We’re living in times of media […]

Call for Cartoons on 11 Septembre 2001-2016

[Français] Le 11 septembre prochain nous serons au Mémorial de Caen pour la sixième rencontre du dessin de presse. Ce sera le tristement 15ème anniversaire de cette attaque qui a bouleversé le monde. Le Mémorial de Caen nous propose de publier et d’exposer 15 dessins sur ce sujet. Chaque dessin sélectionné sera rémunéré 150 euros. Tous les membres de “United Sketches” sont invités à envoyer leurs dessins en format JPG ou TIFF et 300 DPI dès que possible, jusqu’au 1er Septembre au [English] On September 11th, we will be at the Memorial of Caen for the sixth meeting of press cartoonists. This will be the sad 15th anniversary of the attack that shocked the world. The Memorial of Caen proposes us to publish and exhibit 15 cartoon on the subject. Each selected cartoon will be paid 150 euros. All “United Sketches” members are welcome to send their works in […]