Agim Krasniqi – Kragi


Ambassador of Kosovo

Agim Krasniqi –Kragi was born 1951 year in Bitola –Macedonia and moved to Live and work in Pristina –Kosova since 1962.
Civil engineer and artist doing the cartoons and illustrations for different newspapers Began with publication 1964 . With artistic work started in primary school. First works started to publish in the local newspapers in 1965. With the newspaper “Zëri i Rinisë” than published in the other newspapers as “Tan”, “Predah”, “Stej”, “Elektron’’, “ Rilindija”,”Jedinstvo” and other national and international newspapers.Rich with many international prices,catalogs and exhibitions. He is create the first Kosovo cartoon associacion with name “Thumbi” where is also director .Now is organizing first Festival in Kosovo with tema :Hello Europe 2015 . Also Commite Advisor in :”GREEN+YOU” formed bu Qually Company & Qu Content