Khalid Gueddar


Ambassador of Morocco

Khalid Gueddar, born in 1975 in Rabat, Moroccan cartoonist in 2003 and sentenced in February 2010 to three years in prison, suspended for representing a member of the royal family in the Moroccan press. the Moroccan state is considered him among the disturbing voices in the country, condemned thee months in prison in 2015 (appeal hearing). in 2010 was dismissed from the Moroccan daily Al Mass because drawings on the King of Morocco and the daily Akhabar al Youm. Khalid considered an activist for freedom of expression continues nevertheless relentlessly castigate the news blows pencils particularly in the classified site 3rd news site in the Arab world, Demain Magazine (banned in 2003 ) The Weekly newspaper (banned in 2010), and occasionally in Courrier International and Le Monde.