Emanuele Del Rosso

Emanuele Del Rosso is a 30 year-old Italian journalist and cartoonist from Trento. He studied Modern Literature in Milan and Trento and International Journalism at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). While studying, he worked as journalist for different newspapers and magazine, both in Milan and Trento, writing about daily news, arts and literature. Since 2014 he has been working at the International NGO RNW media, in Hilversum (the Netherlands). First, he has been journalist, illustrator and cartoonist for the International Justice Department. Then, he moved to the Love Matters Department – which deals with gender and sex-based issues in developing countries. He is now working with them on a freelance basis, taking care of the visual content published on their various websites, and producing cartoons and infocomics himself. He is Member of the Dutch publishing platform Cartoon Movement, of the Italian Association Studio d’Arte Andromeda and co-founder of the collective of cartoonists Kon.Fu. – Kondominio Fumettisti. Lately, he has become member of the British agency for cartoons CartoonStock. His cartoons, illustrations, infographics, motion comics and short graphic novels have been published on different websites, among which Cartoon Movement, Justice Hub, Love Matters Arabic, 31Mag.nl and paper magazines like UCT – Uomo, Città, Territorio (in Trento) and shortlisted in some exhibitions inside and outside Italy.