Sabaaneh’s “White and Black” book tour in US started with NYC launch!

United Sketches’ Palestinian ambassador Mohammad Sabaaneh, has gained worldwide renown for his stark black-and-white sketches, which draw attention to brutalities of the Israeli occupation and celebrate the Palestinians’ popular resistance. These provocative drawings do not flinch from tackling the tough subjects that confront Palestinians, from Israel’s everyday injustices in the West Bank to their frequent military operations on Gaza. This collection includes 180 of Sabaaneh’s best cartoons, some of them depicting the experience of Palestinian political prisoners being held in Israel.

Ace Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh has been taking his witness about art, life, and the terrible effects of Israel’s mass incarceration of Palestinians all around the United States. He has now completed just over half of his nationwide speaking tour, having spoken so far to twelve audiences in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Oregon, Washington state, and California.
Still to come: ten more audiences in Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Clara, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia…
His tour is titled “Life & Prison in Palestine: A Cartoonist’s Eye”. It is very timely, because more than 1,500 of the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners being held in Israel’s jails are now in the fourth week of the “dignity” hunger strike, being waged in support of their demand for better prison conditions.

Mohammad Sabaaneh speaks powerfully to this issue. He’s a resident of Ramallah, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank area of Palestine, where he contributes a daily cartoon to the newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida. In 2015, after he took a business trip to Jordan, he was arrested by the Israelis as he crossed the bridge back into Palestine… and he was held in Israeli prisons for five months, without charge or trial.
That experience, including the two weeks he spent crammed into a solitary confinement cell, inspire him to write the book, White And Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine, that was released in the United States at the beginning of May.
The book contains a whole chapter of poignant cartoons about the dire effects that Israel’s mass-incarceration policy has on the prisoners themselves– and their families.
Source: Just World