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French Cartoonists got rid of the shameful FECO title and made themsemves independent!

French Cartoonists got rid of the shameful FECO title and made themsemves independent by creating a new association: France-Cartoons. Pierre Ballouhey, the president of this new born association and also United Sketches’ French member announced it via email. United Sketches International supports “France-Cartoons” and congratulates Pierre Ballouhey and all other French speaking colleagues for their engagements and righteousness. here is the original message of Ballouhey, The president of “France-Cartoons” association: “You have all followed, with great interest or not, the gloomy affair of the holocaust contest organised by the Teheran House of Cartoons and the inappropriate presence of the international Feco president among the competitors. That second “Holocaust Contest” was directly targeting the green Charlie cover “All has been forgiven” and the sorrowful gatherings after the Charlie slaughter. How can you assault the French and the western people when you belong in a revisionist country if not by denying the […]

Malaysian Cartoonist Zunar, first attacked by pro-goverment thugs, now arrested under The Sedition Act again today for exhibiting his cartoons

25th Nov 2016 – Zunar was forced to call off his exhibition in Penang, 4 hour drive north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia due to an attack by pro government thugs. He was verbally abused, physically attacked, and his artworks were vandalized. “More than 30 thugs stormed into my newly launched exhibition in a public area. They were aggressive, hostile and abusive. Some of them assaulted me. I was fortunate that a few members of public came to my rescue. The few policemen who turned up were unable to control the thugs and they had to call in the anti riot unit. The thugs demanded that I take down the exhibition and some of them proceeded to destroy my artworks.” This adds to the list of harassment I received through the years: THE HARASMENT Last month, the government of Malaysia imposed a travel ban on Zunar to prevent from travelling abroad. […]