Nayer Talal

Nayer Talal, or simply; Nayer was born in 1983 in Umm Ruwaba, Sudan.

the former co-founder of Sudanese Cartoonists Association in 2009, Nayer studied Civil Engineering and graduated in 2006, but his real desire is art, so he chose to focus on journalism and art. he has worked with many newspapers in various countries:

Al-Sharie alShiyasi newspaper (September 2003 – February 2004), Sudan
Sudan Vision newspaper (November 2004 – June 2006), Sudan
Ray al-Sha’ab newspaper (November 2006 – January 2008), Sudan
Ajras al-Hurriya newspaper (February 2008 – November 2009), Sudan
Simsima magazine (August 2006 – October 2011), Sudan
African Writing magazine (August 2010 – August 2012), England
The Citizen newspaper (March 2013 – October 2013), Sudan
Alaraby Aljadeed newspaper (August 2014 – May 2015), England
Saudi Gazette newspaper (January 2013 – November 2016), Saudi Arabia
Cartoon Movement website (August 2009 – now), Netherlands

In the past thirteen years, he published thousands of cartoons and illustrations and dozens of articles in many newspapers and magazines in different countries. Besides journalism, he has always been fascinated by cinema, so in 2011 he decided to take a serious step to be close to his passion. He participated in some small cinematic projects; three films, two documentary films and one 2D animation film.

In October 2011 he brought an idea of a film named (Number Twelve). It was about football cheerleading. He was the cameraman of the film. He drew illustrations that appeared in a documentary film entitled “Adeela”. After this film, He find that he is really motivated to animation cinema, so he started to develop his abilities to establish a serious career as an animator. He involved in a Tunisian film entitled “Square”, He was the animator of the film which won the first prize of Franco-Allemand contest of short films in Tunisia (October 2015). He is proud to have received many awards for his in cartoons, animation, and video games:
• Special Diploma, Molla Naserddin contest- Azerbaijan (April 2008)
• Price of Excellency, Great Personalities of Romania Contest (February 2009)
• Special Prize, Molla Naserddin Contest- Azerbaijan (April 2009)
• Honorary Prize, Hopcartoon 1st International Contest – Iran (May 2010)
• Honorary Prize, “OCCUPY GEZIPARK!” International Exhibition – Turkey (August 2013)
• First prize of Franco-Allemand contest of short films – Tunisia – (October 2015)
• Best Team, Jam Today Contest of video games – Tunisia – (May 2016)