XthemOut campaign in Greece requesting support from Cartoonists

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation-Office in Greece and HumanRights360 are requesting international artists’ support concerning the trial of the neo-nazi party of Golden Dawn in Greece.

Since September 2013, immediately after the murder of a Greek rapper called Pavlos Fyssas, the Greek Police arrested the leadership of Golden Dawn, as well as tens of its party officials and members, who were involved in the criminal activities included in a huge case file. Since 2015, all of them stand trial charged with participation in a criminal organisation.

The Golden Dawn trial has brought to light dozens of racist crimes, mostly against migrants and refugees. However, the full extent of its criminal, racist activity is not adequately known. At the same time, and regardless of the tireless efforts of civil society in Greece (especially through the initiative Golden Dawn Watch), the trial is not adequately covered by the Greek media, which leads to the public’s lack of awareness. Our “X them out” campaign had been launched in an effort to draw attention to the trial with the aid of visual and comic artists.

We are now at a turning point, entering what hopefully will be the last year of the trial; at mid-June, the defense pleas are scheduled to begin. It is the first time that the leading members of the Golden Dawn will appear before the court to answer for their crimes. We are thus turning to you for support in order to draw the widest national and international attention possible on this process; since no kind of audiovisual recording is permitted in the trial, we are inviting artists to attend the trial and depict the process of pleas, in order to both create a historical archive of this process and make use of all media available in order to bring Golden Dawn’s criminal activity in the spotlight.

We are thus searching for comic artists/cartoonists that would be willing and available to travel to Greece, attend the defense plea of one Golden Dawn MP/member, depict the criminal activity narrated and publish it in his/her channels, outlets etc. The overall goal is the visualization of Golden Dawn’s criminal activity to be posted/published in as many outlets as possible so as to draw international attention to the trial.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Eleni Takou, HumanRights360, tel, +30 6937114647, email: eleni.takou@humanrights360.org

Electra Alexandropoulou, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Greece, tel. +30 210 3632200, email: Electra.Alexandropoulou@rosalux.org