Thierry Vissol

Thierry Vissol is an economist, historian, essayist and itinerant lecturer. He is presently Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre LIBREXPRESSION, Foundation Giuseppe Di Vagno, in Conversano and Rome (Italy). Created mid-2017, the Centre promotes freedom of expression and political satire, through various activities.
He had, up to end 2016, a double career of academic (teaching and researching in various universities in France, Belgium and USA) and civil servant for the EU Commission, where he had for 22 years responsibilities linked to the European monetary Union and to the change over to the euro, then of the Commission’s audiovisual policy.
In all its activities (as civil servant, academic researcher, teacher), he attached a large importance to images (photos, painting, cartoons, caricature) and poetry that he considers essential to understand and better explain an epoch or a problem. Many of his publications are therefore illustrated with cartoons and organized, professionally or privately, international illustrated exhibitions on the history of money, revolution, and political cartoons.
In 2011, he created, in cooperation with the weekly magazine Internazionale, in Italy a yearly competition of political cartoons on EU policies: “A cartoon for Europe”.
He is the author of numerous books and essays as well as catalogues of the exhibitions of which he was curator

    • Location: Italy