Louise C. Larsen

Louise C. Larsen is an art historian, mag.art. She specialized in cartooning from the first year at university, cataloguing 6000 cartoons by Hans Bendix at The Royal Library. In 2000 she was co-founder and member of the board of the Museum of Danish Cartoon Art situated at The Royal Library in Copenhagen and as a member of the board of Danish Comics Council she facilitated the transition of The Storm P Museum to a museum specializing in comics in 2012. She organized the archives at the National Museum of Art in Copenhagen and The Nivaagaard Collection of Paintings, writing Samling med egen Rembrandt (2006) on the founding of the collection. She has written and spoken extensively on Danish and international political cartooning and runs the blog valdemarandersen.blogspot.com on the subject. She was awarded the Svarres Legat in 2015.

    • Location: Denmark
    • Website: Link