Call for Online Cartooning Action on Syrian – Iranian Regimes’ Hypocrisy


  • United Sketches will run its first Cartooning action as an online exhibition . All members are invited to participate in this online exhibition
  • Theme:  the hypocrisy of the Iranian leadership: the regime is presenting themselves as protectors of Islam while at the same time overlooking and even contributing to the suffering of hundreds of Syrian who face starvation, this is especially shameful considering that the Holy month of Ramadan is approaching: starving Syrians will not be able to break their fast with dignity because they have no food!
  • We aim at targeting Iranian public opinion as well as Iranian policy makers.
  • The cartoons will be published and circulated on social media by the 6th June, when the Ramadan starts.
  • Submit your cartoons via this form as soon as possible:

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