Saad Murtadha Kadhim


Ambassador of Iraq

Saad Murtadha Kadhim born in 1980 Kirkuk Iraq. Mechanical Engineer HVAC 2002 . Married since 2005 and had one girl born at 2010. Didn’t receive any training about drawing or cartooning, but self-trained. Publish his cartooning work in local newspaper since 2003, internationally since 2011. Member in Cartoon Movement since 2011. Had personal Exhibition at 2001, 2002, 2008, 2013 in Iraq. Exhibition at Czech Republic 2013 in cooperation with Arab culture Festival.
Refused to work with many local newspapers in Iraq due to refusing become as tool only and make ideas provided by the newspaper, also the newspapers in Iraq are funded by political parties, they refused to publish hisideas. The Idea of Cartoon in Iraq is a (Joke, and we need to lough about it), but he doesn’t like this idea, and make his own style of cartoons, without text, so everyone can understand. Cooperated with many local and international organization like (USAID, MSF, Writers without borders)
Member of Writers without Border Middle East since 2012.