Adjim Danngar

Ambassador of Chad Born in 1982 in Sarh (Chad), Adjim Danngar published his first cartoons in cultural and satirical papers in Chad. Due to his political cartoons, he is threatened and forced to exile in 2004. Since then, he lives in Paris and is a member of « L’Afrique dessinée », a collective of african cartoonists. He took part in several exhibitions and festivals in Africa and Europe (the International Comic Books Festival of Angoulême, the Engaged Comic Books Festival of Cholet, the International Comic Books Festival of Algiers, the International meetings of press cartoons of Carquefou and Caen). Adjim Danngar has published his work in « L’œil de l’exilé », an online magazine by La Maison des journalistes, in different medias such as France Info, Télérama and TV5 Monde and in two collective cartoon books « Dégage ! Le temps des révolutions » and « I have a dream, un nouveau monde se dessine ». He also published […]