Omar Al Abdallat


Omar Adnan Al Abdallat Cartoonist/Speaker/Producer Born in England 24/11/1978 Holds both Jordanian and British citizenship ‪professional cartoonist since 2008
Worked in creative production and was a driver of creativity in many renowned companies, such as; Rubicon, Abu Mahjoob, Kharabeesh
An active member of Cartoon Movement and Tomato Cartoons. Created several characters that became national symbols and are associated with Jordanians and youth, such as, Awad Abu Shiffeh, Abu Samra, Al Sheikh Khafash, Al Zaeem
Published over 2000 cartoons and 500 videos.
Co-authored and co-produced several online shows such as Mone3a Fil Seen (Banned from China), a satirical Jordanian show starring Ahmad Hasan Al Zubi.
Created and supervise a regionally acclaimed Youtube channel and its characters (3ala Rasi) that is ranked 8th in popularity regionally according to Forbes and has been awarded the silver award by Youtube
Active on social media platforms and has over 100,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Motivational and inspirational speaker who participated in many local, regional and international events, such as but not limited to TEDX Oporto in Portugal in 2015, Al Doha 8th convention held by Al Jazeera in 2014
Held several key exhibitions for his work in Jordan and abroad, amongst the organizers were, Jordanian Women Association, Jordanian Royal Court where he exhibited his works in front of HM King Abdullah II, also in Cairo Egypt and Jordanian governorates
Advocate of women’s and youth’s rights and has been selected as a Jordanian icon in the campaign against violence against women by USAID, United Nations and Dutch Embassy.
Trained and held many workshops on creative production, caricature, out-of-the-box thinking, drawing, social media engagement, tolerance and human rights and expression, amongst which were Jordanian Women Association workshops that were held across Jordanian governorates
Won many awards for his work in cartoon and social media presence, such as the Youtube silver award for “3ala Rasi”, Arab Spring from “This is Amesterdam”, Holland, and Naji Al Ali Award from Turkey
Co-founder and partner in several creative initiatives and companies, such as Free Pen for Creative Production, Tomato Cartoon, and Kharabeesh