Omar Al Abdalat’s new book “Pencil”

Sunday, bringing together his best Arabic and international works in a “humane” language, in both Arabic and English.

The artist, Omar Al Abdalat, the founder of Al Qalam Al Hur [the pioneer], has brought this experiment with the cooperation and massive support of Jo bedu, which is now available in Al Waibdeh, Abdoun, Virgin Megastore, City Mall and Taj Mall.

The book “Pencil” – the second experience for Omar Al Abdalat during the last three years, and the first of its kind as a collective idea for most of his creations – a large collection of the most important work of the world of work, where each work accompanied by a sentence, idea or thoughts that reflect the reality we encounter everyday, we laugh at it or it makes us laugh sometimes.

“I am also happy that this idea, which I dreamed of more than 10 years ago, has come into existence. The dream and aspiration of any artist and cartoonist to collect his works and ideas in a book to be shared with others and cast a distinctive mark in His artistic and professional life even after his departure. ”
“The book will present my best works with a local, Arab and international character, and I would like to contribute to correcting misconceptions and behavioral problems in our societies and our lives. In order for humanity to unite us as whole we must upraise our sense of humanity, morality and order, as it is the only way that can fix us” said Abdalat, who has won many Arab and international awards.

“In some works, the book will stress and focus on children and the need to develop their skills and take care of them, as they are the future of our country and our societies,” he said.

Al-Abdalat stressed that the book is available in Arabic and English to reach a wider audience, stressing on the support and cooperation that he received from the company “Jo Bedu” in the production, printing, publishing and distribution of the book, and said: “It is very important to cooperate as institutions and leading companies, since one hand cannot clap alone. And i stress on the importance of the team and its work to accomplish dreams.