Our Ambassador in Afghanistan Survived Kabul’s Hazara Massacre

Cartoon by Mehdi Amini
Cartoon by Mehdi Amini

This is The message that Mehdi Amini wrote to United Sketches’ President, The audiences are all world cartoonists and activists in the world; pls share his message:

“Salam and hope all is well,
Kianoosh jan, you might have heard about the terrorist attack that took place in Kabul on Saturday. I wanted to share this with you and reach out to you for support. To be very brief, in a corner of this world, some people are being repressed, killed and wiped out because of their ethnicity and religious sect and their voice cannot reach anybody; nor their own government neither the international community.

Saturday’s demonstration which was held under the name “Enlightenment Movement” was held to protest against the discriminatory policies of the fascist and ethno-centrist Afghan government. The Enlightenment Movement was initially triggered last year when a little “Hazara” girl’s throat was slit by the Taliban. Unfortunately, the post-Taliban government of Afghanistan has treated other ethnic minorities and specially “Hazaras” with discrimination like the Taliban regime. “Hazaras” are mainly Shia muslims and are different than other Afghans in physique, facial appearance and language. Undoubtedly, “Hazaras” have been the most peace loving and civilized ethnic group in Afghanistan in the past and this democratic government which was formed after the fall of Taliban and never used armed clashes to get their demands.
The Afghan government calls Taliban their brother and uses them and their terrorist actions as a leverage against other ethnic groups to realize their totalitarian ideology. A quick look at the statistics, it is easy to see that the major victims of kidnapping and killings of passengers traveling between cities are the “Hazaras” and the government, unfortunately, with the help of the Taliban is systematically targeting and killing “Hazaras” in Afghanistan. This government which is being funded and supported by the international community is trying very hard to keep the central highlands, home to the Afghanistan “Hazaras” poor and deprived of any kind of development. Central highlands or “Hazarajat” has received very little (you can say zero) of this international community contribution to Afghanistan in the past 15 years. (There are very reliable sources on the internet to prove this statement and if you want I can provide them for you to read).
Unfortunately, during the Saturday’s suicide attack among protestors, which I was also participating, I have lost many likeminded individuals. On Saturday, many people including men and women, young and old gathered peacefully and without any violence, seeking only one thing and that is “Justice”.
Kianoosh, there is only much that I can do on my own and I really need your and your friends help here. I want to ask you to help us, with whatever you have and your networks of cartoonist and social activists, so that our voice can reach the international community so they realize that the government that they are supporting and funding is a terrorist government and supports terrorism. I want the world to know who were killed in this demonstration.

I am sending you my newest cartoon that I created after Saturday’s suicide attack where protesters returned to the demonstration site to continue their protest and shout out for justice again.

Many thanks,

Mehdi Amini”