Martin Favelis


Ambassador of Argentina

Martín Andrés Favelils Schijvarger – Buenos Aires, 1970
Martín Favelis is a press cartoonist, writer and piano player. In the year 2000 he was awarded the National Press Cartoon Prize in Argentina.
Favelis has published articles and drawings in various media from Europe and Latin America. His works have been chosen by the World Press Cartoon Association and appeared in publications issued by Reporters Sans Frontières, Red Cross International and Amnesty International, among others.
For several years Martín Favelis was Director of the International Press Cartoonists Convention in Granada, Spain. He has given talks about humour in different universities of Spain and Argentina.

His seventh book, ‘Planet Favelis’ (Grupo Editorial 33, Málaga, Spain, year 2010,), is a compilation of more than 200 cartoons that appeared in the international media during the last ten years.