Kanika Mishra

Kanika Mishra got her Masters in Fine Arts from Lucknow College of Arts. A specific incident on 31st August 2013, gave way to her anger and frustration to create India’s first cartoon woman character ‘Karnika Kahen’ which means ” Karnika speaks”. Karnika believes that women have equal rights to speak on every social and political issues in country and being a women, she is more sensitive about issues related to women. Her cartoons on Godman Asaram faced lots of criticism and she even faced rape and murder threats from Godman’s followers. Later, she became the first woman to win prestigious Award for Courage in Cartooning from Cartoonists Rights Network International along with Mazda Shaheen of Palestine. She represented Indian women in international TV show The Big Debate in Davos. Her cartoons have been published in many national and international magazines and seen by millions and her work has become an inspiration for many girls and women in country. Now a TEDx speaker, she inspires new generation how social media could be used as a tool for women empowerment and nurturing new talent. She recently was honored with title Woman Game Changer in India from The HR Club, India.
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