Hassan Karimzadeh


Ambassador of Iran

Hassan Karimzadeh has been a prolific Visual artist; Iranian Graphic designer, Cartoonist and director of art for many years. He is a main member of the some international journalism and arts associations, such as: (IGDS) Iran, (ICOGRADA) Canada, (CFP) France, and (IFJ) Belgium. Hassan has achieved numerous titles, honors and important prizes till now; such as: The title of “F.U.N” (Friend of United Nations) from United Nations at (2012, Swiss). The 1st. prize of “World Press Cartoon” International contest (in two years: 2008 & 2010, Portugal). The “GOLD” prize of Logo designing from International Institute of Visual Communication; “Graphis” (2012, USA), and First International “Editorial Cartoon Prize” (2012, Swiss). In during his artistic career; even He was imprisoned and sentenced to ten years in prison!. His works have been exhibited and printed in various Journals, in Iran and abroad. Hassan has published a number of books for himself and his colleagues till now; to record and display of visual experiences. Find him more in his official website on www.karimzadehstudio.com