Hani Abbas


Ambassador of Syria

Born in 1977 in the Yarmouk refugee camp, Damascus, Syria.
Hani was displaced to the North of Lebanon in 2013 and then to Geneva, Switzerland, where he obtained political asylum in 2014
The Hani Abbas cartoons talk about Human Rights, Freedom and the pain of displacement. been displaced twice, their homes were bombed, saw destruction, blood and lots and lots of dead. The only power Hani has is his pen and his thoughts and his mission is to use them to increase awareness, to show as many people as possible what is happening in Syria. Drawing Cartoons on the Syrian Revolution Hani Abbas’ work puts a lot of emphasis on children: they are the biggest casualties of the Cartoonist for newspapers and magazines such as Hebdo, Al Jazeera, Al Modon. Established solo Comics exhibitions since 1998 in Syria and other Arab countries
Jury member contest Syria International Comics three times | Jury member Naji Al­Ali Festival of Comics 2007 | Jury member of the theater and caricature contest in Syria 2005, 2006, 2009 | Jury member of the Gaza International Festival of Comics 2007
First place in the competition of professional painters Syria four times
Honorary prize in the competition Arab Spring caricature 2012
Second place in the international competition for the freedom of the press ­ Doha 2012
Freedom of Press Award, Qatar 2013
Awarded ‘Cartooning for Peace’ Prize by Mr Kofi Annan in Geneva 2014