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Women Cartoonists International Award – 2019

United Sketches is proud to launch the World’s first ever International Cartoon Award dedicated to Women Cartoonists, a Global Art Movement for Humanity After some months working on the concept and wonderful exchanges with Dear Ann Telnaes, Marilena Nardi and Anne Derenne, and gathering ideas, United Sketches is honored to announce the very first International award exclusive to Women cartoonists. Why for Women Cartoonists ? – Because the equality is still a dream to achieve in 21st century! “United Sketches” […]

A Diary of A Revaluation: The Fourth Democracy and the Art of Cartooning in Sudan

By: Talal Nayer Political situations profoundly influence the art of cartooning in Sudan. Forms of governance and political circumstances became very decisive and contributed significantly to the matter of appearance and continuity of cartoonists. Also, it had a strong influence on the issues discussed by the artists. Every political regime brought a new vision and widely contributed to the formation of the conditions for art and culture in the country. After the success of Intifadat April[i] in 1985, the newly […]