Victor Bogorad


Ambassador of Russia

Was born 1949 in Leningrad. Has finished LETI. The first publication – 1973 in magazine “Aurora”. The first international award – in 1974, Skoplje (Yugoslavia). In total has 20 international awards (Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Poland etc.)
It was published in a press of Germany, the USA, Israel, Estonia, the CIS. It is awarded by the national professional award «Gold Ostap» in 1992 . With 1975 on 1985 was the secretary of Club of the Leningrad caricaturists.
Has published 5 books in the Samizdat (1980-1985), «Bitte recht freundlich» 1987, 1990, Eulenspiegel, Berlin, «Such affairs» 1991 “Lyres” of SPb, “Nuance” 1996, “Ford” of SPb.
Personal exhibitions:1989 “Gallery 10-10” Leningrad, 1990 Zurich and 1991 Schwyz (Switzerland).
As a part of group of caricaturists participated in two exhibitions «NJET PROBLEM!» In Germany: Munich (1995) and Berlin (1996). Many caricatures are in private collections of Germany, Switzerland, the USA.
The participant of an exhibition of a caricature “Confrontation” in the State Russian museum in 1996
Some years worked as the artist on carnivals in Nice (France). In 2005 left film BBC about V.Bogorade. SPb vedomosti “, ” The Moscow Times ” works as the artist-caricaturist in newspapers”.
The last 25 years, participating in international exhibitions, as a member of the jury.