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Niels Bo Bojesen

Niels Bo Bojesen (b. 1958) is a Danish editorial cartoonist. A graduate of the Danish School of Design and having attended the School of Visual Arts/Department of Media Arts, New York. He creates editorial cartoons for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten as well as international websites, newspapers and magazines. He is represented by: New York Times Syndicate/ CartoonArts International. and Cartoon Movement Prizes and honors: 2017 – Awarded Editorial Cartoonist of the year in Denmark – The Pentel Prize 2017 – 17th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition – Second Prize 2016 – United Nations/Ranan Luire Political Cartoon Award – Citation of excellence. 2016 – Winner of the concourse of the European Commission – ‘Una Vignetta per L’Europa’. 2016 – First Edition of World Humor Awards – Bronze Trophy. 2005 – Award of excellence in the Society for News Design 26th Edition, Best of Newspaper Design 2005 – single Illustration. […]